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Welcome to the quietest AdNetwork on the Internet. Come in and learn more about us.

What We Do

We love Digital Advertising. It's our Job. Although we are aware not everybody likes it. We understand that advertising can become an annoyance, an intrusion. That's why we believe in a balance between brands and users, based on respect and admiration. That's exactly where we rise from. Our services spur from those two ideals, the only banners on the Internet that show up only twice a day per device. What happens afterwards? We simply vanish. We do so, since we do not want to annoy your audience.



Do you have a blog, website or forum? Are you an editor? At PadsMedia we believe editors deserve to be rewarded for their content. If that's what you do, we want to work with you. We can promise you constancy and serious business. If you are afraid your users will hate the ads on your site, relax, we only show up twice a day. Right after that, we simply disappear. The last thing we want to do is to be annoying.



Do you have a message to offer? We can spread it through our media network , both in English and Spanish. We are capable of spreading your message wherever you need it to be. You can be seen in the city you wish and through the media that best fits your brand/business. Just tell us what the message is and we'll hand it over to the speaker.



PadsMedia is a platform where web publishers and blog owners subscribe to monetize space is their websites. In this regard, PadsMedia can effectively help agencies spread their clients' advertisements. Through us, agencies can find new channels to locate as many campaigns as needed, quickly and effectively.



At PadsMedia , we have worked with big brands and with small. We've helped transnational companies as well as small businesses. These are just some of our clients! We appreciate your trust!

Any questions?

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